Where Shmuckheads Dropped the Ball on Vision

Hey CharterFolk. Thanks to so many of you who have become subscribers in recent days. Thanks also to so many of you for responding to yesterday’s insta-poll. While it’s obviously not a statistically valid exercise, results are striking nonetheless … 100% of respondents said they agreed that the charter school movement would benefit from an … Read more

Insta-Poll: Vision

Has Wallace come unglued? Good morning, CharterFolk. Hope you had a great weekend. We had such good readership levels last week, and I got so much sidebar comment on the No Vision, No Voice post, I thought a 30-second insta-poll of CharterFolk might be a fun way to start off the week. So here goes.  Two … Read more

No Vision, No Voice

Good morning, CharterFolk. Exciting to have so many new subscribers! If you haven’t signed up yet, please do so here. Having had a chance now to address the death of George Floyd and the COVID-19 crisis, I am able now to turn to what I always envisioned beginning with here at CharterFolk: The beginning. What … Read more

Announcing the CharterFolk Forum

Good morning. I wanted to get a quick note out to you thanking you for your response to our early posts here at CharterFolk. For those many of you who have subscribed already, I thank you.  It is terrific to have your support in this critical early going.  For those of you who have been … Read more

Why We Give a Damn About Charter Schools

When I first began to imagine this thing that has turned out to be CharterFolk, I envisioned a completely different kind of roll out. And then COVID came. And then the death of George Floyd came. And those other plans had to be set aside. COVID I will get to in my next post. Today … Read more