CharterFolk Note – Two New Subscriber Matches!

Good morning, CharterFolk. Just a quick note today to announce a couple of pieces of exciting news. As I have been reporting since CharterFolk’s inception, it is important to me that this not become a philanthropic-dependent undertaking. CharterFolk will ultimately grow to be a primarily reader-supported undertaking, or it will not prove successful. For that … Read more

Two Existential Questions – What Must We Do to Succeed and What Happens If We Don’t

Good morning, CharterFolk. Let’s get straight to the update. With all the challenges that have come at charter schools in recent years, it would be possible to conclude that there is no hope. But we do in fact have great reason for hope because our shared effort has the potential to become a movement, something … Read more

Announcing CharterFolk X – The Extraordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things in Our Nation’s Charter Schools

Today I start a new feature here at CharterFolk. It’s going to be a part of the work I love the most: celebrating the extraordinary people who are the heart of the charter school movement. I call it CharterFolk X. CharterFolk Extraordinaire. Every week I will add another extraordinary person to the pantheon of people presented … Read more

The Work of Charter Schools – Harder than Issues of War and Peace

Good morning, CharterFolk.  Huge thanks again for all the new paid subscribers! Yesterday was our biggest day for new subscriber sign-ups since CharterFolk began. At this pace we’ll make our match by Friday, so please keep it coming by signing up here. Remember, everything is going to the nonprofit, and all subscriptions are tax deductible. … Read more