CharterFolk X Vol 7 – Elaine Swafford, “As it Turns Out, It’s Not Really a Job.”

Good Morning, CharterFolk. This week I’m delighted to recognize Elaine Swafford, Executive Director of Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy, as CharterFolk Extraordinaire. Elaine has contributed so much to the charter school movement, starting of course with her work at Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy, which has blazed trails helping more girls excel in STEM fields. In the … Read more

Brode Not Broad – What Happens When We Lose Our Voice

Good morning, CharterFolk Special thanks to a flurry of new subscribers in recent days. Very exciting! We’re within just a subscriber or two of meeting our Tennessee match. And we’re making encouraging progress against our broader match challenge to recruit new subscribers, complimentary or paid, anywhere in the country. When we get there, which at … Read more

The Worst Good News and the Best Good News

Good morning, CharterFolk. Like many of you, I was saddened over the weekend to learn of the loss of Sir Ken Robinson. Sir Ken gave one of the most watched Ted Talks of all time about how schools can kill creativity. I have always liked also his follow up presentation where he talked about charter … Read more

CharterFolk X Vol 6 – Linda Moore, Embracing the Charter School Destiny: Struggle and Progress

Good morning, CharterFolk. I hope you’ve all had a great weekend.  It’s my pleasure this morning to recognize Linda Moore as CharterFolk Extraordinaire. I try with CharterFolk X to recognize a wide range of people – some who may not yet be as celebrated as they should be, as well as others who have already … Read more

Divide and Conquer – The Next Phase in the Strategy to Destroy Charter Schools

Good morning, CharterFolk. Let’s get straight to the update. Update Summary: We are seeing the Establishment use the COVID moment to roll out across the country its strategy to destroy charter schools. In California, the Establishment is building on its Attack, Erase, and Blame strategy by adding a fourth: Divide – sowing division within the … Read more

CharterFolk X Vol 5 – Alice Miller, Anything and Everything All the Way Back to Charter #1

Good morning, CharterFolk. It is with a deep sense of personal gratitude and affection that I am pleased to recognize Alice Miller as CharterFolk X. No one in our movement has surpassed the sustained, dedicated and selfless service of Alice Miller. She is the walking embodiment of CharterFolk Extraordinaire, and we all owe her a … Read more

CharterFolk Chat with Arne Duncan

Good morning, CharterFolk. Today, I’m delighted to release our inaugural CharterFolk Chat with Arne Duncan. It was a great conversation where Arne described in strikingly urgent and honest terms the challenges that lie before our country. Coming at the issues from his own unique vantage point, he made a compelling argument for what we are … Read more

CharterFolk X Vol 4 – Brian Jones, Another Voice that Shall be Forever Heard

Good morning, CharterFolk. It is with a deep sense of appreciation that I recognize today Brian Jones as CharterFolk X. If there is anyone who has shown extraordinary commitment and has made extraordinary contribution to the national charter school movement, it is certainly Brian Jones. CharterFolk readers may remember my first post when I recounted … Read more