CharterFolk Contributors Respond to Arne Duncan’s Challenge to Involve Parents

Good morning, CharterFolk. Today’s another exciting day here. As many of you probably remember, during our inaugural CharterFolk Chat with Arne Duncan, the former Education Secretary challenged our movement to get more parents and youth involved in our advocacy efforts. For those of you wanting a refresher, I provide a link to the moment in … Read more

Responding to Scott – Existential Angst, Moral Authority and Crossing the Chasm

Good morning, CharterFolk. We continue to grow readers and subscribers. Excited by that. If you haven’t done so already, please add to the momentum by subscribing here. I am also excited by other developments: Building on the CharterFolk Chats we had with Arne Duncan and Howard Fuller, we have a great line-up of chats in … Read more

CharterFolk X Vol 9 – Eduardo LaGuerre Assembling the Y and Z Needed to Overcome any Obstacle

Good morning, CharterFolk. My preparation for recognizing CharterFolk X this week reflects my experience getting to know CharterFolk more broadly over my nearly 25 years working in charter schools. Someone (in this case Anna Hall, the CEO of the Northeast Charter School Network) tells you about some stunning X you need to get to know … Read more

Larry Rosenstock’s Most Oft Repeated Story – Two Kinds of People in the World

Good morning, CharterFolk. Thanks for your many compliments about Scott Pearson’s great post yesterday. Thanks also to several new subscribers. For those of you who have been meaning to subscribe but haven’t yet, I encourage you to do so here. Update Summary: Today I recount how Larry Rosenstock used to share a story about the … Read more

Amid the Smoke and Gloom, a New Narrative Emerges

Good morning, CharterFolk. Update Summary: Three recent positive developments in charter schools contrast against dysfunction happening in Establishment schools and contain the seeds of a new narrative for the charter school movement. With the smoke and pandemic spreading a blanket of gloom across the country, it occurs to me that we may actually be seeing … Read more

CharterFolk X Vol 8 – Michelle Parada, Leading All Tribes and Us All To New Levels of Caring

Good morning, CharterFolk. Today I am delighted to recognize Michelle Parada, the Co-Founder and Lead Teacher of All Tribes American Indian Charter School in Northern San Diego County, as CharterFolk Extraordinaire. I got to know Michelle during my third year at CCSA. By that point, I had already made it to a couple hundred charter … Read more

Thunderbolts and Mountaintops – How We Smash Through the 2×2

Good morning, CharterFolk. Thanks again for your understanding about delayed posts this week. Things got complicated making the switch from to, which has now been completed. Next week we will be back on our regular posting schedule. Meanwhile, thanks to many who have continued to subscribe. While we haven’t made it all the … Read more