Education Inequity Shown in the Lives of One Soccer Team

Listen to this post as a podcast. Subscribe. Good morning, CharterFolk. Excited about readership levels of Kyle Rosenkrans’s piece about Newark. I really liked his observations that unlikely political alliances and encouragement of charter school stakeholders to be involved in elections really matter. And regarding his comment on mudslinging, I actually agree with him. I … Read more

CharterFolk Contributor Kyle Rosenkrans – 3 Things We Learned in Newark

Good morning, CharterFolk. Today I am pleased to share with you a contributor column from Kyle Rosenkrans, Executive Director of the New Jersey Children’s Foundation. At the foundation, Kyle has played a key leadership role, supporting many initiatives that have advanced the interests of Newark students and families. Before coming to the foundation, Kyle worked … Read more

CharterFolk X Vol 13 – Roger Brainerd and Judith Jones, Tag-Teaming a Movement Into Existence in Maine

Good morning, CharterFolk. Today I am delighted to recognize Roger Brainerd and Judith Jones, two people who have tag-teamed Maine’s charter school movement into existence, as CharterFolk Extraordinaire. It’s not often you can find tangible artifacts showing CharterFolk playing critical roles all the way back to the very beginning of a movement. But there we … Read more

Want to Growth Strength Overnight? Join Your Association Now!

(Listen to this post as a podcast.) (Subscribe.) Morning, CharterFolk. Great feedback regarding Ramona’s post from yesterday. Thank you again to Ramona for writing it, and thanks to so many for sharing your positive reactions. Thanks also to several of you who reached out about my post from Tuesday about how to build advocacy strength … Read more

CharterFolk X Vol 12 – Chris Ferris, Building Our Community Everywhere She Goes

Good morning, CharterFolk. Today it is our distinct pleasure to recognize Chris Ferris, Executive Director of Highline Academy Charter Schools, as CharterFolk Extraordinaire. It doesn’t take much effort to find evidence of the remarkable contribution Chris is making to our movement. Just look at her Executive Director introduction on the Highline website where she states: … Read more