CharterFolk Contributor – Ron Rice, The Next Iteration of Charter Schools Will Be Intentional, Of Color and Community/Economically Empowering – Are You Ready? I Don’t Think You Are

Good morning, CharterFolk. Today it is our great pleasure to share with you a Contributor Column from Ron Rice, Senior Director-Government Relations at the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. I provide a bio below. Ron C. Rice has over 15 years of public policy experience in the fields of education, urban development, and community

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What Dilapidated School Buildings and Unrequited Love Have in Common

Good morning, CharterFolk. Yesterday’s CharterFolk X column on Natasha Barriga highlighted a problem … … that has plagued our country for generations … … one that is becoming only more visible as the Covid crisis unfolds: The scourge of “dilapidated school buildings.” We see the phrase repeated so often in headlines … … you would

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CharterFolk X Vol 2.6 – Natasha Barriga, Standing Resolute With Kids and Communities Where Great Public Education is Needed Most

Good afternoon, CharterFolk. Today it is our honor to recognize Natasha Barriga, Executive Director of Resolute Academy in the Watts community of south Los Angeles, California, as CharterFolk Extraordinaire. As some CharterFolk know, during my time in charterland I have made it a personal obsession to visit as many charter schools as possible. I made

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