September 2022

CharterFolk Contributor Christine Ferris – Small Schools

Good morning, CharterFolk! Today we are pleased to share a contributor column from Christine Ferris, Executive Director, Highline Academy Charter Schools. Christine provides this vignette from a larger writing project she is completing and would appreciate any feedback CharterFolk would like to provide. I provide Christine’s bio below. Christine Ferris has been the Executive Director of

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Bats in the Eaves of Public Education | Homecoming on Vouchers

Good day, CharterFolk. I start today providing a coda to my column in August about Mile High regulation. The school I wrote about in that post, 5280 Freedom School, finally had their charter approved by Denver Public Schools last week. And so the Rocky Mountain of regulation that was thrown at the school through it’s

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What the Charter School Movement Has to Learn from UkraineFolk

Good morning CharterFolk,  I send this post just 24 hours after a leader has made a series of threats against the world community graver than any other threats most of us have witnessed in our lifetimes. The subject for today’s column is the factor that has led this leader to find himself in the situation

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