December 2022

CharterFolk Year in Review 2022 – Greetings from Pondicherry

Happy Holidays, CharterFolk. I file this year’s review from India. 25 years ago tonight, some of our very closest friends were married in Delhi and asked if Amy and I would attend. It turned out to be one of the most magical experiences of our lives. A quarter century later we are back celebrating their

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CharterFolk Contributor Laurie Brown: Anti-charter Rhetoric is Rooted in Racism — Let’s Not Be Afraid to Call it Out

Hello CharterFolk! Today we are pleased to share a contributor column from Laurie Brown, Senior Vice President of Nashville Advocacy for the Tennessee Charter School Center and Advocacy Lead for the Nashville Charter Collaborative. I provide a brief bio for Laurie below. Laurie has spent the last decade making good trouble to ensure that students

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The Disconnect Widens, The Establishment Digs In, The Spark Consumes Its Fuse – Who But CharterFolk Will Advance the North Star that Public Education Needs Now?

Good day, CharterFolk. Long time readers will know that for a couple years now I have been writing about what I call “The Great Disconnect in Public Education.” I made it the central framing theme for my first post of 2021. The underlying thesis is that, in terms of generating value against the Equity and

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