Announcing CharterFolk on the Move!

Good day, CharterFolk.

We are excited to announce that tomorrow you will be seeing a new feature here at CharterFolk, a quarterly post we will be calling “CharterFolk on the Move” which will be compiled by Mollie Mitchell.

Old time ed reformers will remember that Mollie, a highly respected executive recruiter who founded The K12 Search Group, used to regularly send out an email called “Ed Reformers On the Move.”  It was a heads up about who was going where in the sector. 

Mollie and I are old friends.  In fact, of all things, Mollie actually bought a house in Los Angeles that was my wife’s and my first house back in the day.  I can still remember Mollie calling out to me at an ed reformer event many years ago.  “Jed, guess what?  I bought your house, and I’m still getting your mail from the Georgetown Alumni Association!”


During a recent catch-up call, Mollie and I discussed how fun it would be to bring our worlds together once again by breathing new life into her “On the Move” publication here at CharterFolk.  So we’ve decided to give it a go, and tomorrow you will be seeing the first edition from Mollie.

Going forward, if any of you have taken on new jobs at the executive level or you know of other CharterFolk who have done so in recent months, drop Kerry a line at, or let Mollie know via email at We plan to publish the next edition in December. 

In the meantime, I thank Mollie and all at The K12 Search Group for continuing to help us build new momentum around CharterFolk.  I look forward to many more years of forging on together in our shared quest for improved public education.