CharterFolk Chat #4 – Bradford, Skandera and Rotherham on Elections and Implications for Charter Schools

Good morning, CharterFolk. I’m delighted to be able to share with you this month’s CharterFolk Chat with Derrell Bradford, Hanna Skandera and Andy Rotherham, where we discuss last week’s election results and what the implications are for charter schools. As I said during the interview: Our folks that are joining us today, really need very … Read more

Education Inequity Shown in the Lives of One Soccer Team

Listen to this post as a podcast. Subscribe. Good morning, CharterFolk. Excited about readership levels of Kyle Rosenkrans’s piece about Newark. I really liked his observations that unlikely political alliances and encouragement of charter school stakeholders to be involved in elections really matter. And regarding his comment on mudslinging, I actually agree with him. I … Read more

Larry Rosenstock’s Most Oft Repeated Story – Two Kinds of People in the World

Good morning, CharterFolk. Thanks for your many compliments about Scott Pearson’s great post yesterday. Thanks also to several new subscribers. For those of you who have been meaning to subscribe but haven’t yet, I encourage you to do so here. Update Summary: Today I recount how Larry Rosenstock used to share a story about the … Read more

CharterFolk Chat with Arne Duncan

Good morning, CharterFolk. Today, I’m delighted to release our inaugural CharterFolk Chat with Arne Duncan. It was a great conversation where Arne described in strikingly urgent and honest terms the challenges that lie before our country. Coming at the issues from his own unique vantage point, he made a compelling argument for what we are … Read more

Why We Give a Damn About Charter Schools

When I first began to imagine this thing that has turned out to be CharterFolk, I envisioned a completely different kind of roll out. And then COVID came. And then the death of George Floyd came. And those other plans had to be set aside. COVID I will get to in my next post. Today … Read more

Welcome to CharterFolk

Welcome to CharterFolk. You will find here that I often pose a question and then try to answer it.  I’ll start today with this one: So what is CharterFolk? It’s a place for the people who are the heart of the charter school movement. Full stop. It’s a place for us to convene, to improve … Read more