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Incoming CharterFolk Board Chair Kristen McCaw Offers a Contributor Column: CharterFolk – United in Ingenuity

Good morning, CharterFolk. Today we are pleased to share a Contributor Column from Kristen McCaw, incoming Board Chair of CharterFolk and Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Seminar. We provide a bio for Kristen below. Kristen is the Co-Founder/Co-CEO of Seminar, an always-on professional learning community. Kristen experienced the opportunities and challenges of leadership firsthand when leading

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The Danger in Drawing Conclusions from Amelia Bedelia

Good day, CharterFolk. Some of you may have seen this article resurface in recent days. The Atlantic highlighted it in their “One Article to Read” feature last week. It highlights a sobering problem, the fact that youngsters these days read for fun much less than prior generations. What conclusion does the article draw about what’s

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Money and Control|The Ladies Doth Protest Too Much|What We Do When Representatives Aren’t Representative

Weekend greetings, CharterFolk. I start today offering a special thanks to Raj Thakkar for his great Contributor Column this week. As CharterFolk know, I’m not sheepish about drawing attention to the financial mismanagement, lack of transparency, and nonexistent accountability that exist in district public schools. But lest we ourselves engage in our own form of

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