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An Unexpected Trip Affords the Chance to Meet the Very First CharterFolk

Good morning, CharterFolk. It was great to hear the story of Austin Achieve’s 10th anniversary celebration in John Armbrust’s Contributor Column yesterday. CharterFolk returning to their hometowns to make profound contributions to public education is a recurring theme we find across the charter school movement. And as John points out, so too is listening to

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CharterFolk Contributor John Armbrust – Austin Achieve:  Celebrating a Decade and Learning From Our Scholars and Families How to Best Serve the Community

Good morning, CharterFolk! Today we are pleased to share a contributor column from John Armbrust, Founder and CEO of Austin Achieve Public Schools. Austin Achieve Public Schools is a tuition-free, open-enrollment public charter school preparing Austin youth to attend and excel at top universities. Austin Achieve is no stranger to the CharterFolk movement. Founder and

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The End of the Public Education World is Just the Beginning – A New Book Provokes New Thinking About Demographics and Impending Monumental Change

Good morning, CharterFolk, Thanks to several of you for your comments regarding last week’s post about political dynamics for charter schools defying simple red/blue assumptions. Related to the substance of that post, we saw further validation that advocacy efforts around the CSP regs represent a significant win for charter schools. We have also seen more

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