CharterFolk Chat with Arne Duncan

Good morning, CharterFolk.

Today, I’m delighted to release our inaugural CharterFolk Chat with Arne Duncan.

It was a great conversation where Arne described in strikingly urgent and honest terms the challenges that lie before our country. Coming at the issues from his own unique vantage point, he made a compelling argument for what we are trying to do here at CharterFolk: building urgency behind the idea that we simply must change what we are advocating for and how we are advocating if we want charter schools to maximize our positive impact on public education in the years ahead.

I will resist the temptation to give much other commentary at this point, and just let Arne’s wise words speak for themselves. I will say, though, that I have personally taken Arne’s comments as a challenge that will result in me working with even greater urgency to surface more quickly and directly the critical issues that we need to be confronting as a movement in order to help our nation at this moment of unprecedented risk and vulnerability. You will see evidence of that change beginning with my Thursday post.

As ever, I thank Arne for the commitment and courage he brings to all he does, and I thank him for getting our CharterFolk Chat series off to such a great start. I didn’t think I could become much more of an Arne Duncan fan, but after having had this time together with him, I find I have become just that. So thank you, Arne.

I will close highlighting that we are in the middle of a match challenge. We need to find 300 new subscribers, paid or complimentary, to draw down the full match by the end of the month. So if you enjoy this CharterFolk Chat, I hope you will contact your friends and colleagues and ask them to join us here at CharterFolk. I provide a link below to the complimentary membership option.

All the best to you.