CharterFolk Short – Announcing the Winner of the CharterFolk Rozelle Award

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Announcing the Winner of the CharterFolk Rozelle Award

CharterFolk probably saw last weekend that Patrick Mahomes won his third Pete Rozelle Trophy, the award the NFL gives to the Super Bowl MVP.

It made me realize we CharterFolk need to award a Rozelle Trophy of our own.

In recent weeks, I’ve been saying we must advance a new policy agenda to help us achieve an era of “universal charter schools.”

A time when high quality charter schools can grow unimpeded.

One essential ingredient of universal-ness is charter schools having authorizers that do not suffer from blatant conflicts of interest.

Too often charter schools must contend with their authorizer being a school district that both operates and authorizes schools.

It’s essentially fielding a team and serving as referee at the same time.

You think that would have gone over well with 49er fans on Sunday?

It’s absurd on its face!

And yet we tolerate it every day in CharterLand.

As Ariel Johnson said in her great post last year …

… too often we simply won’t “say the thing …”

… which greatly complicates our advocacy challenges.

Last week, William Hill said the thing

… calling out the Nashville school board for having gone bad on authorizing.

To the detriment of thousands of kids who deserve far better.

Imagine, CharterFolk, what we could do with impartial referees!

The time has come for us to say the thing.

So we confer upon William Hill the distinction his courageous gesture deserves.

The awarding of the CharterFolk Rozelle Award!

MVP Indeed!