CharterFolk Short – Don’t Get Distracted CharterFolk. There’s Too Much Great Progress to Be Made

Good morning, CharterFolk.

The wantonness of LA Unified’s decision to kick charter school kids to the curb …

… is provoking the next round of national soul searching among respected, reasonable folk who expect more out of Dems.

I understand the frustration.

At least LA Unified isn’t kicking out charter school kids to make room for a selective magnet …

… like Dems are doing on the other side of the country.

Meanwhile, the energy behind erasing educational redlines is being ceded to a coalition consisting primarily of organizations hewing right.

It’s a complicated world, CharterFolk.

A Republican governor comes to office in Virginia all full of piss and vinegar to grow charter schools.

Not a single new one has opened since.

Meanwhile, across the Potomac in blue, blue Maryland, a new charter was approved on an 11-0 vote last month.

Yes, there are still some Democratic policy makers who aren’t yet ready to embrace charter schools again.

But parents certainly are.

It’s leading to Establishment forces losing their zen.

That’s really what this is about, CharterFolk.

In blue Los Angeles, charter school enrollment is essentially flat over the past five years, but the percentage of students served in charters has never been higher.

Growth in blue New York has been absolutely explosive.

We’re on the offensive in blue Indy.

We’re opening new schools in blue ABQ.

The pendulum swings in blue Denver …

… and blue Philadelphia.

Don’t get distracted, CharterFolk.

There’s too much great progress to be made.