Disassembling Unfairness Pane by Pane – What We Do When the Status Quo Throws Stones from the Glassest Houses in America

Good morning CharterFolk.

The adage goes that those living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

The thought comes to mind again and again perusing the national headlines about the behavior of protectors of the education status quo right now.

We’ve all experienced …

… the allegations that are hurled against us.

That charter schools aren’t transparent.

That charter schools somehow aren’t accountable.

And yet, everywhere we turn …

… we encounter school districts doing the most unaccountable …

… untransparent things.

Moving money wherever the Establishment needs it to go to fund its own priorities.

Sucking resources away from the options that parents want in order to subsidize schools they don’t.

All done in a completely byzantine, inscrutable manner.

It’s gotten to the point that people throw up their hands and hope AI can make sense of it all.

Meanwhile parents saunter on seeing school systems that are being funded at unprecedented levels …

… making decisions that no one can understand.

The Quincy school, for example, is losing three staffers, despite a 7 percent city budget increase for next year. The loss of federal stimulus dollars are partly to blame for the staffing cuts, but other factors contributing to the loss are not so clear.

The cuts will affect Quincy Upper’s prized International Baccalaureate program, Tan said, but also come at a time when the school’s enrollment is increasing, particularly with higher needs students like English learners.

”I don’t know that any of us really understand why there are cuts,” said Tan, who also is the Diversity & Inclusion Co-Chair of the Citywide Parent Council.“It’s painful for every one of us.”

Thus, some of the least transparent, least accountable entities in modern life …

… accuse others of being untransparent and unaccountable.

It’s changing the subject.

What-about-ism at massive scale.

The audacity is breathtaking.

It’s an example of those in the glassest houses in America throwing stones.

It happens so often, so completely, and so brazenly, it becomes natural to ask how in the world they ever get away with it.

The answer, sadly, is a rather simple one.

Though they themselves throw stones constantly, they count on the rest of us not throwing anything back.

And of course, we shouldn’t.

Broken glass in public education serves no one’s interests, certainly not students.

But exposing what they are doing in a principled, accurate way such that parents and the public can understand how their dysfunctional practices harm students and communities?

That’s fair game.

A game that we must play in at whole new levels in the Era Beyond the Beginning.

It’s showing the harm that is being inflicted upon our young people by an unaccountable and untransparent status quo …

… pain by pain …

… such that we can dismantle that unfairness …

… pane by pane.