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CharterFolk Contributor William Hill – When A Good Authorizer Goes Bad

Greetings, CharterFolk! Today we are pleased to share a contributor column from William Hill, Executive Director of Rocketship Tennessee. I provide William’s bio below. William Hill is the Executive Director of Rocketship Tennessee. Will is an exceptional educator and school administrator who leads the team overseeing our Tennessee region and he also serves on Rocketship’s

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Diverse Schools Show Stopper | All the Nation Is Porter Ranch | International Validation | Running Faster With the Reds | The Blues Have Nowhere to Run

Good day, CharterFolk. Atmospheric river travel complications knocked out a good chunk of writing time this weekend. My regrets getting this out to you later than I hoped. Let’s get straight to it. Diverse Schools Show Stopper It was a great opportunity to be with the Diverse Charter Schools Coalition in LA last week, as

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CharterFolk Contributor Sonia Park – Building Community for School Integration: DCSC at 10

Greetings, CharterFolk! Today we are pleased to share a contributor column from Sonia Park, Executive Director of Diverse Charter Schools Coalition (DCSC). I provide Sonia’s brief bio below. Sonia C. Park believes in living in service. She has 20+ years as an experienced education reformer and accountability professional specializing in school-based, district, state and federal

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CharterFolk Short – A Modest Proposal for Overcoming the Challenge of the Public Not Knowing What Charter Schools Are

Good Morning, CharterFolk. Conflict alert. I serve on the Board of Fenton Charter Public Schools. So be forewarned as I celebrate Fenton celebrating its 30th. We’ve been recognizing the 30th anniversary of laws passing in various states … … but not yet many schools achieving three-decades. It’s happening now in California … … and Colorado

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This Too Passes. A Noble Pursuit: Charter School Pre-Check Now!

Weekend greetings, CharterFolk. I start thanking Jackie Elliot for her great Contributor Column this week which had an exceedingly high open rate. CharterFolk always love hearing from Jackie. I can’t tell you how many times Jackie has issued the rallying cry for more charter school progress in Los Angeles. She’s been doing it since she

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