Holiday Decorations|Introducing the “CharterFolk Short”|When the Dodgers Emulate LAUSD

Holiday greetings, CharterFolk.

As my Christmas tree decorating this year attests …

… CharterFolk obsession can crowd into even holiday traditions.

Further evidence emerged during the family’s Christmas cookie decorating.


Hope you all have awesome holidays.

Introducing the “CharterFolk Short”

I said in my last regular post of the year that I would try to get a sample “CharterFolk Short” out to you before end of week.  Below you’ll find one.

The idea is this:

As I have been reporting, I’m trying to get two posts per week done myself, in addition to the Contributor Columns and WonkyFolk recordings that we send out regularly.  I’ve been struggling to get a second one done each week, caused by both an increase in day job responsibilities and the fact that my other weekly posts have gotten longer as I have tried to develop themes in depth.

And if there’s any criticism I get of my posts, it’s that they’re too damn long.  It’s a criticism I can live with.  What I’m trying to do here is go into our work in depth.  If that means that Folk don’t have time to read them all in the moment, that’s fine.  What I hope to do is create an archive of evergreen articles that people can go back and search up as needs arise.  This week I had occasion to introduce a new reader to some of the content we have covered here at CharterFolk.  Given his interests, the conversation led to …

… a post I wrote nearly two years ago that I would say has held up pretty well.  The scope of the uh-oh that is spreading across school districts as declining enrollment accelerates in affluent communities across the country is becoming more apparent every day.

But still.  People like posts of different lengths, and it is certainly possible to make shorter ones that amplify the themes we are otherwise covering here at CharterFolk.  And having a weekly one that is shorter would take a bit of the writing load off.

So for at least the first quarter of 2024, I’m going to experiment with a new weekly calendar:

  • A weekly “CharterFolk Short” going out midweek, a post of that would focus on a single development happening in Charterland meant to be read in two minutes or less.
  • A weekly Contributor Column going out on Thursdays.
  • A weekly article of greater length going out on weekends when Folk may have a few extra minutes to going into issues in depth.
  • Twice-monthly early-week distributions of WonkyFolk recordings.

So here’s a CharterFolk Short sample.  If you have thoughts or feedback, I’d be particularly curious to hear from you in my early months of trying them.

When the Dodgers Emulate LAUSD

I’m sure many of you have seen the biggest news in baseball. The Dodgers have signed this generation’s Babe Ruth.

But did you see the details of the financials? 

Ohtami has agreed to take only $2M/year in salary for the next decade, deferring almost all of his $700M to the out years.  It provides him a long-term largesse, while allowing the Dodgers to acquire more top talent in the short term, which they did yesterday.

This latest contract …

… has no deferrals, but the deal is “backloaded” meaning he’ll be paid more in the final years of his contract than in the beginning.

They’re great deals for today’s fans.  But for the fans of the future who will be stuck with the bills?

Not so much.

It’s a fiscal management practice the Dodgers learned from LA Unified.

Heaping up on talent in the near term …

… while deferring payment to the next generation. 

The only difference is that LAUSD has been doing it for generations, meaning today’s kids are the ones who are stuck with the bills.

What we want is public education preparing all kids for the major leagues.

What we have instead, sadly, are financial practices sending many of our highest need kids to Single-A ball.