On the Cusp of 10,000 Readers Now – Will You Be the One Who Puts Us Over the Top?

Good morning, CharterFolk

I would like to make today’s post a brief one that takes inspiration from Sehba Ali’s Contributor Column from last week.

In identifying that KIPP Texas strives to make brave and belonging spaces for all KIPPFolk in Texas, Sehba points out what we’re trying to do here at CharterFolk as well.

To create a space where CharterFolk belong, but also a space where we can be brave enough to bring up the tough issues confronting the charter school movement.

In pursuing that goal over the past two years and eight months, we have seen many CharterFolk respond and help us grow. From a starting readership of about 600 Folk in June of 2020, we have now grown to have just under 10,000 readers when we complete the uploading of previously committed new subscribers between now and the end of March.

One of the primary ways we have been growing has been through our organizational subscription model. These are $5k/year subscriptions purchased by organizations wanting large numbers of people in their orbits to begin receiving CharterFolk. Some of the most respected operators and advocacy organizations in Charterland have become organizational subscribers including:

KIPP Texas Public Schools

Rocketship Public Schools

Friendship Public Charter School

College Achieve Public Schools

Austin Achieve Public Schools

Stem-Preparatory Schools

San Joaquin A Plus

National Charter Schools Institute

Illinois Network of Charter Schools

Colorado League of Charter Schools

Texas Public Charter Schools Association

I thank all these organizations for your support of CharterFolk’s during our critical early years.

But here’s the thing, CharterFolk. I ran the math over the weekend.

We’re just so close to 10,000 readers.

Literally one or two additional organization subscribers could be enough to put us over the top. So if you’re from an organization that might like to have your Folk access CharterFolk like the organizations above have done, please reach out to me directly at jed@charterfolk.org.

In so doing, you will help us reach a milestone I wouldn’t have even thought remotely possible when we first started.

10,000 readers?

I would have thought myself positively unhinged to think such growth achievable.

And yet, focusing on making a place where people can belong and can be brave together, as Sehba has so wisely described it, that’s where we find ourselves today.

So, CharterFolk, I thank you all once again for your incredible support and vow to keep at it with all I’ve got.

I can’t wait to see what comes next!