Opening Final Round Voting for the CharterFolk of the Year Award

Good morning, CharterFolk.

I am delighted to announce that we have opened the voting for the Final Round of the CharterFolk of the Year Award! Our finalists are as follows:

All CharterFolk subscribers, paid and complimentary, are welcome to vote. For all of you who are already subscribers, we encourage you to go directly to the Final Round CharterFolk of the Year Voting Page where you may cast your virtual ballot.

All others who want to vote and are not yet subscribers may get a subscription (again, paid or complimentary) at this page, and may then proceed directly to voting.

We are eager to have as many people vote as possible so that we may grow even more awareness about the great things that CharterFolk are accomplishing on behalf of students and families, and grow the CharterFolk community so that we can take on even more celebratory activities like this in the future. So please forward this post to everyone in your personal network and encourage them to sign up and vote!

Readers wanting more background on the award itself may check out last month’s post announcing the creation of the award.

Voting for the Final Round will conclude at midnight Pacific time on June 4th. We look forward to announcing our winners on June 8th, the first year anniversary of CharterFolk.

Announcing CharterFolk of the Year Finalists

Good morning, CharterFolk.

Today we are delighted to announce that the following CharterFolk Extraordinaire have been identified as finalists for our CharterFolk of the Year award.

We are delighted by the amazing range of organizations represented by our CharterFolk of the Year finalists.

From a storied public school that has become an even more vital community asset under the support of the Collegiate Academies charter management organization in New Orleans …

… to a dual immersion k-8 charter school started by a community-based organization with deep roots in eastern San Diego County …

… to the first and longest-running charter school in Plainfield, New Jersey just opening its long-hoped for high school this fall …

… to one of the most respected charter schools in our nation’s capital enabling all students to become bi-literate …

… our CharterFolk of the Year are contributing to organizations that are shining examples of what the charter school movement is all about.

We are delighted that so many people participated in Round 1 of our CharterFolk of the Year elections, and we look forward to Round 2 which will up next week. Remember, absolutely everyone can vote, but you have to be signed up as a CharterFolk subscriber (paid or complimentary), so if you have friends who you know will want to vote, please encourage them to sign up today.

Meanwhile, we extend appreciation again to all of the leaders who were recognized as CharterFolk X this year, and we thank all CharterFolk readers for helping us celebrate their amazing contributions to our movement.