Quick Follow Up: Wonders Never Cease – The LA Times Writes Something Fair About Charter Schools

Hi CharterFolk.

Sorry to ping your twice in one day, but I owe you a quick follow up.

In today’s post I let the LA Times have it for their unfair treatment of charter schools, but I failed to see that the Times had posted this editorial at 5 am.

Wonders never cease! An editorial fair to charter schools coming from the LA Times!


Thanks to CharterFolk readers for tipping me off.

Meanwhile, we keep focused on the broader trends.

Recognition is spreading, CharterFolk.

Simple protection of Establishment schools that are not serving communities well is not viable for the long term.

It’s inevitable that such places will turn to charter schools more and more, including even our bluest, most urban settings.

We must make our plans for the future accordingly.

On we go.