5-Pack: Regular Subscription (Yearly)

CharterFolk relies on the support of individuals. I offer three tiers of individual membership: regular, nonprofit, and teacher.

As a convenience for those who may want to subscribe multiple people at once, CharterFolk also offers group subscriptions in packs of 5. 

The “5-Pack Subscription” comes in two flavors: Regular and Nonprofit.

This is the subscription page for the Regular 5-Pack Subscription. (Please click here for the Nonprofit 5-Pack Subscription.)

The “5-Pack” allows you to subscribe up to 5 people under one yearly fee. The “5-Pack” subscriptions are also stackable: should you want to support CharterFolk by subscribing 10 people, simply purchase 2 different “5-pack” subscriptions.

After you sign up, you will be able to enter the names of up to 5 people to be automatically subscribed to CharterFolk.

If you have questions, please reach out to contact@charterfolk.org for assistance.