WonkyFolk Vol 9 – Morgan Polikoff is Reading Polls So You Don’t Have To

Greetings, CharterFolk! This week Andy is talking while Jed is walking…hiking the Camino Trail with his wife, Amy. Andy is talking with Morgan Polikoff, Associate Professor of Education at the University of Southern California (USC)’s Rossier School of Education.  Their conversation focuses on public opinion on education, particularly parent opinion, and the similarities and differences

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WonkyFolk Vol 7 – Learning From a Place That is Not a Hot Steaming Mess

Greetings, CharterFolk! This week, Andy and I are talking about traveling and the fun of summer, our two mystery guests for the next WonkyFolk, and finding educational common ground via the juxtaposition of partisan politics and genuine educational accomplishments in Virginia. Here is a link to our conversation where you can listen to the podcast.

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