CharterFolk Short: The Universal Agenda We Need Now – Releasing Potential Everywhere!

Good morning, CharterFolk.

Everyday there is a new story about universal vouchers.

On Monday, I wrote that we need a new policy agenda that would give us universal charter schools.

In recent weeks, we’ve seen a new proposal coming out of Florida that could help get us there.

It calls for strengthening the state’s law pertaining to charter school conversions.

For too long, we have de-emphasized the importance of conversions.

We’ve done that despite the fact that many of our early conversions …

… have gone on to become legendarily successful.

When we prioritize conversions, we broaden our commitment to potential. 

Not just to the potential within the millions of students that we serve and the thousands of people working in charter schools.

But to the potential of those working within traditional public schools.

Millions of educators who could do much more for their students if they were given a healthier environment to contribute within.

One of the biggest impediments to conversions is that those pursuing them must turn to their school districts to get charters approved.

Having to go for approval to the very entity from which you’re seeking to be liberated?

What’s the sense in that?

That’s why this idea in Florida, the idea that teachers and parents should have the option of getting approved by their city, is so potentially revolutionary.

It’s emblematic of the broader agenda we will pursue in the era of universal charter schools.

Ours is the movement that is committed to …

releasing potential everywhere!