When They Say It’s Not About the Money But the Principle of the Thing

Good morning, CharterFolk.

One of Larry Rosenstock’s most oft-repeated stories was citing a professor in law school who said:

“Whenever someone tells you it’s not about the money but about the principle of the thing, it’s about the money.”

The quote came to mind watching last week’s subcommittee hearing in DC …

… when Representative Kiley …

… asked Kenneth Campbell …

… why charter schools don’t have more bipartisan support given how well they are performing.

Kenneth answered that it came down to a matter of money, power and control, which the status quo doesn’t want to give up.

It was a response that Representative Bonamici …

… said offended her. 

She and her colleagues are concerned about kids, she insisted, not money.

This week, the Biden Administration released a proposed federal budget …

… that contains what would be an unprecedented cut to the federal Charter School Program.

Eric Paisner, Acting President and CEO at the National Alliance, issued a strong statement.

Given all the bigger budget matters …

… that the Administration wants to highlight during an election year, it would have been simple to keep CSP off the radar screen by just flat funding it.

But apparently the Administration wants another public fight.

So, a fight it will have.

If it were about the principle of the thing, we might react differently.

But, clearly, this is about politics.

A belief that signaling support for the education status quo’s quest to retain power and control postures the Administration better going into elections.

It’s just another example of what Larry and Kenneth so wisely point out:

When they say that it’s not about the money, but about the principle of the thing …

Never forget, CharterFolk.

It’s about the money.