WonkyFolk Vol 11 – Two Turkeys Together Again: The Thanksgiving Episode

Greetings, CharterFolk!

This week, Andy and I are focused on a Thanksgiving theme. We are talking about what we are thankful for over the last year, personally and professionally, as well as traditions and new results.

Here is a link to the podcast. And for those of you who would prefer a video recording, we provide a link to YouTube as well. 

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This week some of the topics include:

  • Welcome back and tales from the trail (00:04)
  • Thanksgiving plans, traditions, and WKRP in Cincinnati’s 1978 Thanksgiving classic episode, “Turkeys Away” (05:58)
  • One positive thing we are each inarguably happy about that happened in charters and/or ed reform over the last year (08:01)
  • CMO leadership transition: promote from within or hire externally (17:15)
  • Virginia election results (30:30)
  • Public school satisfaction polling results: parent, non-parent, and pundit opinions (38:39)


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WonkyFolk is a discussion series between Andy Rotherham and Jed Wallace intended to provide an informative and engaging forum where education reformers can grapple with tough issues related to our shared quest to improve public education in our country.

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