WonkyFolk Vol 16 – Hoodies, the Need to Buck Up, and Getting Crisp

Good day, CharterFolk.

After a little hiatus imposed on us by busy work schedules, Andy and I are back with a new WonkyFolk Recording.

WonkyFolk logo

Here is a link to the podcast.

For those of you wanting to see us in our hoodies, here’s a link to the recording on youtube.

Here are some of the topics we discuss:

  • We start out talking about impressions from the ASU-GSV Conference
  • At 17:00, we shift focus to Andy’s highly read “Buck Up” post at Eduwonk, which then leads to a broader discussion about ed reformers not understanding our own history of progress and how that may be taking spring out of our collective step.
  • At the 28 minute mark, we begin talking about the role of advocates and how many of us have lacked the crispness we need on vision and policy matters.
  • At 35:20, Andy asks whether charter schools face an existential crisis.
  • At 39:00, we begin discussing whether the Biden Administration is risking losing swing voters given its education policies.
  • We end discussing whether ed reformers have put ourselves in a communications box.