WonkyFolk Vol 17 – Cross-Partisanship, Losing Great Supt’s, Musical Chairs, and the Edge of Seventeen Report with Lynne Graziano

Good day, CharterFolk.

Today Andy and I are pleased to release our latest WonkyFolk recording.

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This time we were delighted to be joined by Lynne Graziano from Bellwether …

… who shares insights from their new report:

The Edge of Seventeen: What Does It Mean To Be a Young Adult in America in 2024?

Before we get to a discussion of the report, we check in regarding the Aspen Institute’s new publication on Cross-Partisanship, and we lament the fact that highly capable state superintendents have lost their positions due to various political crosswinds. I also take a run at Andy for his recent post about charter schools potentially having their seat pulled away in the education policy game of musical chairs.

Regarding the report itself, we explore the degree to which there is little coherence across states about various laws affecting young adults in our country. We also discuss how the incoherence affects schools which are often required to adjust their policies and operations to conform with changing and sometimes contradictory state statute. Finally, we touch upon what advocates might have to learn from the incoherence we see in this body of law such that we might pursue greater coherence in all of our policy work.