WonkyFolk Vol 2 – Urban Elections, Title IX, and Religious Charters: Andy wants nuance and Jed says, “light the beam”

Greetings, CharterFolk!

Thank you for the positive comments regarding our first WonkyFolk podcast.  Andy and I are back with a second take.  This week, we are talking about Chicago, Denver, Title IX, and some legal cases.

Here is a link to our conversation where you can listen to the podcast. And for those of you who would prefer a video recording, we provide a link to YouTube as well.  

This week some of the topics we discuss include the following:

  • We introduce ourselves (00:00:00)
  • Reactions to the 2023 Chicago mayoral election results (00:02:39)
  • Thoughts regarding the 2023 Denver mayoral election, which has two strong charter candidates in a June runoff (00:12:35)
  • Gutsy mental health moves (00.20.50)
  • The Biden Administration’s nuanced Title IX decisions (00:23:11)
  • Implications of Supreme Court cases in Washington, North Carolina, and Oklahoma with an emphasis on broader religious liberty issues (00.30.50)
  • Here is a link to the article Andy mentioned regarding last year’s main Supreme Court case as religious institutions come into closer contact with charters and the potential political risks that may be raised with a blurring of church state lines (00.36.15)

As ever, I’m eager to hear feedback and suggestions from CharterFolk.  So, if you have a chance to listen to the discussion and want to drop me a line with some thoughts, feel free to reach me at jed@charterfolk.org.

If you haven’t yet heard or seen the first WonkyFolk, you can listen to the podcast or watch it on YouTube.

Meanwhile, I thank you once again for being part of the CharterFolk community and for the efforts you are making to improve educational opportunity in our country.

WonkyFolk is a discussion series between Andy Rotherham and Jed Wallace intended to provide an informative and engaging forum where education reformers can grapple with tough issues related to our shared quest to improve public education in our country.

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