WonkyFolk Vol 3 – The Amnesia Episode

Greetings, CharterFolk!

This week, Andy and I are talking about Amnesia.  Amnesia about A Nation at Risk.  Amnesia about Covid responses.  And Jed wishing he could have amnesia about the King’s game on April 30, 2023.

Here is a link to our conversation where you can listen to the podcast.  And for those of you who would prefer a video recording, we provide a link to YouTube as well.

This week some of the topics we discuss include the following:

Jed’s desired amnesia and a recommended moment of silence for the Kings (00.00.33)

The 40th anniversary of the report, A Nation at Risk: The Imperative for Educational Reform and amnesia regarding its impact (00.01.59)

  • Why the American economy has been able to persist despite the problems in education (00.04.59)
  • The equity shift to ensure the hyper-talented kids in the lowest quintile get the opportunity to go to college (00.10.05)
  • Why we think the Economist’s coverage of education lately has been really good (00.11.43)
  • A recognition of Marshall (Mike) Smith’s impact and role in A Nation at Risk (00.12.07)
  • The historical amnesia during last week’s Congressional committee hearing framed in terms of good guys versus bad guys (00.13.12)
  • Randi Weingarten’s modus operandi and lack of responsibility (00.15.19)

Amnesia regarding the impacts of the Covid pandemic (00.17.20)

  • Politics in urban settings – blue, red, and purple state politics (00.22.13)
  • New York realities and ironies (00.23.23)
  • The post Janus poker game (00.25.29)
  • Virginia’s new content standards (00.28.17)
  • The need to help students learn how to grapple with a spectrum of ideas (00.30.55)
  • The materials, tools, and training teachers need for this content (00.35.33)
  • The value adds of the Core Knowledge Approach (00.36.57)

The show notes are available via the podcast.

As ever, I’m eager to hear feedback and suggestions from CharterFolk.  So, if you have a chance to listen to the discussion and want to drop me a line with some thoughts, feel free to reach me at jed@charterfolk.org.

If you haven’t yet heard the first and second volumes of WonkyFolk, you can access them here.

Meanwhile, I thank you once again for being part of the CharterFolk community and for the efforts you are making to improve educational opportunity in our country.

WonkyFolk is a discussion series between Andy Rotherham and Jed Wallace intended to provide an informative and engaging forum where education reformers can grapple with tough issues related to our shared quest to improve educational opportunity in our country.

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