WonkyFolk Vol 6 – Jed and Andy are Fragile Vessels

Greetings, CharterFolk!

This week, Andy and I are talking about the Supreme Court denial to hear Charter Day School, Inc. v. Peltier “(wherein the plaintiffs justified their restrictive dress code by asserting that girls are ‘fragile vessels’)”, other Supreme Court cases, the science of reading, and Moms for Liberty.

Here is a link to our conversation where you can listen to the podcast.  And for those of you who would prefer a video recording, we provide a link to YouTube as well.

This week some of the topics we discuss include the following:

  • The implications for charter schools of the Supreme Court decision not to hear the case (00.01.16)
  • The potential for religious freedom advocates and lawyers to continue looking at the charter school space as an opportunity to advance things (00.06.06)
  • Implications of other cases before the Supreme Court, e.g., affirmative action, student and teacher freedom of expression (00.18.28)
  • The science of reading and phonics (00.26.51)
  • Giving props to Emily Hamford, the journalist, who deserves credit for shedding light on this topic, getting traction, and changing policy (00.38.31)
  • Moms for Liberty, their Sword of Liberty Award, and their impact on board of education decision making (00.40.00)


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WonkyFolk is a discussion series between Andy Rotherham and Jed Wallace intended to provide an informative and engaging forum where education reformers can grapple with tough issues related to our shared quest to improve public education in our country.

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