CharterFolk X, Vol 16 – Jerel Bryant, Bringing the Best to Students by Knowing a Community Well

Good morning, CharterFolk. Today it is my great pleasure to recognize Jerel Bryant, Principal of G.W. Carver High School in New Orleans, Louisiana as CharterFolk Extraordinaire. Word about Jerel’s extraordinary leadership has been getting around. Earlier this fall, Jerel was recognized as Louisiana’s High School Principal of the Year. In February, he was recognized by … Read more

CharterFolk X, Vol 15 – Delia Kumabe, Summing Up a Vision for Our Entire Movement in Just Three Letters

Good morning, CharterFolk. Today I am delighted to recognize Delia Kumabe, Founder and Instructional Coach of EJE Acadamies in El Cajon, California as CharterFolk Extraordinaire. Some of you may remember how in last week’s CharterFolk Extraordinaire recognition of Caitlin Ritter I highlighted that many CharterFolk’s commitment to education grows out of being part of families … Read more

Responding to Hanna, Andy and Derrell – 4 Things for the Next 4 Years

Good morning, CharterFolk. Thanks to so many of you reaching out to share compliments about our CharterFolk Chat with Hanna Skandera, Andy Rotherham and Derrell Bradford. One more huge thanks to Hanna, Andy and Derrell for taking part. I so much appreciate them sharing thoughts and advice about how CharterFolks may navigate the critical early … Read more

CharterFolk Chat #4 – Bradford, Skandera and Rotherham on Elections and Implications for Charter Schools

Good morning, CharterFolk. I’m delighted to be able to share with you this month’s CharterFolk Chat with Derrell Bradford, Hanna Skandera and Andy Rotherham, where we discuss last week’s election results and what the implications are for charter schools. As I said during the interview: Our folks that are joining us today, really need very … Read more

Election Takeaways? CharterFolk, We Got to Get in the Game!

Good morning, CharterFolk. Great to be back from a hiatus during election week. I’m excited about our CharterFolk Chat happening tomorrow with Derrell Bradford, Hanna Skandera and Andy Rotherham where we will discuss the impact that national election results will have on charter schools. Hope to see you here for that. Let’s get on to … Read more

CharterFolk X Vol 14 – Caitlin Ritter, Ringing the Bell Across Generations

Good morning, CharterFolk. Today it’s our pleasure to recognize Caitlin Ritter, Math Teacher at Concord Academy in Boyne Michigan as CharterFolk Extraordinaire. I came across Caitlin’s story reviewing a series of articles about charter school teachers published by MAPSA, Michigan’s charter school association. In the series, the Association highlights the great efforts of five charter … Read more

Education Inequity Shown in the Lives of One Soccer Team

Listen to this post as a podcast. Subscribe. Good morning, CharterFolk. Excited about readership levels of Kyle Rosenkrans’s piece about Newark. I really liked his observations that unlikely political alliances and encouragement of charter school stakeholders to be involved in elections really matter. And regarding his comment on mudslinging, I actually agree with him. I … Read more