CharterFolk provides a forum for the people who are the heart of the charter school movement.  It is a place to convene, to improve our collective intuition about the path forward and to deepen our commitment both to one another and to our shared mission, which is to improve public education for absolutely all students and families in the United States. CharterFolk Updates are sent at least twice a week which are available only to subscribers. I do also occasionally post articles on the website which are available to all. 

I offer four subscription models. They offer the same content.

The idea in the early going is to prioritize building readership, and all should feel free to choose the Complimentary Subscription below, especially during this period of financial uncertainty related to the COVID crisis.

I am, though, incurring considerable costs getting CharterFolk off the ground and hope that I may be able to generate at least the revenue needed to cover expenses and perhaps expand the functionality and reach of the CharterFolk site.

With that being the case, I offer three suggested subscription levels below for those in a position to contribute. Things will be on the honor system, so choose whatever level you think appropriate and know I appreciate immensely whatever support you can offer.

Regular Subscription

$15/month or $180/year for people working in for-profits and/or foundations.

Nonprofit Subscription

$10/month or $120/year for people working in nonprofits including charter schools.

Teacher Subscription

$5/month or $60/year for teachers.

Complimentary Subscription

Free for the foreseeable future.

Group Subscriptions

If you would like to support CharterFolk and subscribe multiple people at once, please email us